Fortepiano Boisselot, 1846

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Louis Constantin Boisselot (1809-1850) was one of the most active piano builders in a dynasty of instrument makers, publishers and composers. He befriended Franz Liszt in their teens in Paris, and named his son Franz after the child’s godfather.

Liszt composed the majority of his mature oeuvre at this piano. The composer wrote to Xavier Boisselot: “As you know, I have kept for the last thirteen years in my study in Weimar the grand piano that your excellent brother Louis sent to me in Odessa in 1846. Although the keys are nearly worn through by the battles fought upon them by the music of the past, present and future, I will never agree to change it, and have resolved to keep it until the end of my days, as a favoured work associate.”

This piano evokes the height of Boisselot’s fame as France’s largest piano manufacturer.


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