PAUL McNULTY became interested in instrument building after studying music at Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore. He studied piano technology in Boston and earned guild qualification as a tuning examiner.

After some years in Amsterdam he came to the Czech Republic in 1995. He has built more than 300 fortepianos after Silbermann, Stein, Walter, Hofmann, Graf and Pleyel, which feature in many recordings and are owned by prominent players and leading music institutions. The growing maturity of the McNulty workshop has enabled swift assimilation and fine, timely execution of recent commissions, all world firsts as modern replicas of “Chopin’s Warsaw piano” Buchholtz 1825, Pleyel 1830, Liszt’s personal Boisselot 1846, and Streicher 1868.

Our work is based on research and restoration. Restorations are always welcome. The broadening experience has made more assured our typical production of earlier, Viennese models. The resources for undertaking large, complicated projects have enabled us confidently to meet sudden requests for the smaller pianos, including Graf, Fritz, Stein and Walter.

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