CC – f4 after Graf op. 318, 1819

CC – f4 after Graf op. 318, 1819

Moderator, double moderator, sustaining and una corda pedals, walnut veneer
ca. 240 x 122 x 35 cm, ca. 151 kg
Options: mutation stops (bassoon, Turkish music), mahogany case with carved and gilt leg capitals, lyre

An early Graf is the ultimate instrument for Schubert and late Beethoven, and ideal for early Chopin. It combines Viennese Classical transparency with the tenderness and lyricism of early Romanticism, and also the epoch’s dramatic range of dynamics.

The development by Graf and other piano makers of moderator stops and the una corda action (which no longer feature on modern pianos) opened up an amazing palette of colours and effects to the fortepiano.

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