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Our pianos are frequently used in concert halls, opera houses and recording venues. Transport and concert services are available.

Piano models for rent are:

J.A.Stein ca.1788 (CPE Bach, early L.v Beethoven, W.A.Mozart and period),

A.Walter ca.1792 (W.A.Mozart, L.v Beethoven and period), 

C.Graf ca.1819 (F.Schubert, F.Chopin, L.v Beethoven and period),

Pleyel ca.1830 (F.Chopin and period), 

Boisselot ca.1846 (F.Lizst and period)

Streicher ca.1868 (J.Brahms and period).

For information please use our contacts:

 +420 737 927 567 


(to make sure your letter reached us, please use both addresses)