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Musicians and instruments  


N. Harnoncourt, Prof. Tachezi and V. Kazarova in Musikverein

N. Harnoncourt, Prof. Tachezi and V. Kazarova in Musikverein


V.Sofronitsky in Chopin recital in Sumida Triphony hall, Tokyo, December, 2010

V.Sofronitsky in Chopin recital in Sumida Triphony Hall, Tokyo 

Andreas Staier in Paris Musicora with Walter


Sisters Labeque in Mozarteum, Salzburg

Sisters Labèque in Mozarteum, Salzburg

Alexei Lubimov in Brugge, Belgium


Ronald Brautigam

Viviana Sofronitsky


R. LevinSir R. Norrington and The Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment

Vladimir Feltsman


Paul Badura-Skoda and Elisabeth Vilatte

Malcolm Bilson in Budapest with Graf

Malcolm Bilson in Budapest with Graf


Trudelies Leonhardt with Stein

Trudelies Leonhardt with Stein 

Cecilia Bartoli


Andrei Korobeinikov

Geoffrey Lancaster


Andreas Staier in Mafra, Portugal

Patrick Cohen - pianos on display at Paris Conservatory


Patrick Cohen and quartet Mosaique in Konzerthaus Wien

Janice Wenger


Malcolm Bilson and Zvi Meniker (Hannover Hochschule)

Brugge competition finals


V.Sofronitsky and S.Istomin performing in Irsee Klang and Raum Festival

Jan Kobov and Kris Bezuidenhout


Susanne Ehrhardt in Amsterdam Concertgebouw

Pierre Hantai


David Breitman, Elisabeth Wallfish and Jaap ter Linden

Christine Schornsheim and Ulla Bundes


Ketil Haugsand

Paolo Giacometti and Pieter Wispelwey


N. Harnoncourt, Prof. Tachezi and V. Kazarova in rehearsal

Ronald Brautigam


Sisters Labèque and Il Giardino Armonico

Standage Quartet and Viviana Sofronitsky


Pierre Goy with Walter & sohn piano

Linda Nicholson and Hiro Kurosaki


Sir Roger Norrington  and Hiroaki Takenouchi

Mozart Triple Concerto (L. Nicholson, M. Aschauer and V. Sofronitsky)


Charles Zebley and Galina Zinchenko

Ronald Brautigam and Sergio Luca


Prof. James Scott and Elvia Puccinelli

Winning performance at Brugge competition Stefania Neonato


John Irving and Jane Booth

Marieke Spaans and Anton Steck


Mario Aschauer, Alexander Puliaev and Viviana Sofronitsky in Warsaw Royal Castle

Michel Kiener & Miao Miao Li


Richard Egarr in Haydn Piano Concerto with Scottish Chamber Orchestra

Viviana Sofronitsky with Sergei Istomin


N. Harnoncourt, Paul McNulty and antique Walter

Edoardo Torbianelli


Urszula Danielewicz

Isabel Felix with Andrew Watkinson and Chamber Orchestra of Menorca (OCIM Teatre Principal de Maó, Menorca


Rosana Lanzelotte with Ricardo Kanji at the Teatro Municipal de Ouro Preto (the oldest in Latin America theatre - operating from 1770)

Janusz Olejniczak


Geoffrey Lancaster and artist Jude Rae

Haydn festival in Eisenach, Malvyn Tan, Michael Willens and Die Kölner Akademie


Richard Egarr is rehearsing Haydn Piano Concerto with Scottish Chamber Orchestra

Aline d'Ambricourt in Vevey


Gilles Cantagrel and Laurent Ryzer

Viviana Sofronitsky in 5 piano concert


Viviana Sofronitsky in the Royal Castle, Warsaw

Malcolm Bilson, Temenuschka Vesselinova and Stefanie Neonato


Martin Haselbock, Ronald Brautigam, Malin Hartelius and Wiener Akademie

Rudolf Buchbinder & Nikolaus Harnoncourt in Wien Musikverein


Premio Ferrari competition - Olga Pashchenko, Assen Boyadjiev and Daria Borkovskaya

Schoko Murai with Walter


Theatre Principal de Mao, Menorka


Aline d'Ambricourt in Vevey



Boisselot piano in Weimar

Ludwig van Beethoven himself


and also Mozart...

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