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Between museum visits and restoration projects, the essential data are collected for the models Paul McNulty builds. He has been for several years in collaboration with Albrecht Czernin, sharing and discussing work, investigations and analysis.

Albrecht Czernin has been working as a restorer in the Museum of Fine Arts, Vienna, under the supervision of Univ. Doz. Mag. Alfons Huber. Mr. Czernin's specialty is keyboard instrument restoration. He is presently teaching restoration at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. Mr. Czernin is mentioned with distinction in Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians.

Among many historical instruments ( HF is for Hammerflugel) restored by Albrecht Czernin are:

- HF ascribed to Anton Walter, Wien: 1780

- Several HF by Anton Walter und Sohn, Wien: 1805, 1810, 1815

- 2 HFs by Andre Stein, Wien: 1830 and 1815

- 3 HFs by Nannette Streicher, Wien: 1815, 1819, and the 1821 instrument in Beethovengedenkstätte Pasqualattihaus

- 2 HF von J.B. Streicher, Wien 1840 und 1868

- HF by Ignaz Kober from Villa Bertramka, Prague. W.A.Mozart improvised on this piano at the Prague Gentlewoman's Institute

- Anonymous HF, Wien ca.1790 (Haydn's Birthhouse at Rohrau)

- HF by Jakob Deutschmann and Andre Stein, Wien: ca. 1830/45

- HF by Erard Freres, Paris 1803, Gift to Beethoven

- HF by Muzio Clementi, London 1814

- HF by Broadwood & Son, London 1808

- HF by Johann Krämer Sen., Wien 1812

- HF by Franz Rausch, Wien ca. 1845

- HF by Mathias Müller, Wien ca. 1800

- HF by Johan C. Müllner. Wien ca 1845

- HF by Ferdinand Hofmann, Wien ca. 1790

- HF by Johann Krämer Sen., Wien ca. 1825

- HF by Johann Fritz , Wien ca. 1830

- HF by Michael Rosenberger, Wien ca. 1825

- HF by Johann Michael Schweighofer, Wien ca 1855

- HF by Wilhelm Bojavsky, Wien ca. 1825 (in Arbeit befindlich)

- Anonymer HF, süddeutsch ca 1795

- Lyraflügel by Johann Christian Schleip, Berlin ca 1820

- Giraffenflügel by Josef Walter, Wien ca 1820

- Gebundenes Clavichord, Österreich ca 1800

- Tafelklavier by Longman and Broderip,

- London Orgelklavier by Franz Xaver Christoph, Wien ca 1785

- Nähtischklavier by Riedel in Baden nächst Wien, ca 1810

- Cembalo by Jocobus and Abraham Kirckman, London 1778

- Schrankklavier (ehemals mit Physharmonika) by Christoph Erler, Wien ca 1820

- Grandpiano Minimus which was in possession of Gustav Mahler

- Notensteckstifte for Notensetzbrett of blind pianist Marie-Therese Paradis

And others